Testing, testing, is this thing on?

Ok, so I haven't put anything here in a good long time. Since almost
everything that strikes me as interesting during the course of my day
gets spat out at zephyr in real-time, putting any of it here always
feels a little redundant. However, having finally gotten Mozilla to
stop hanging at startup on my machine, I figured I'd make an exception
and summarize the state of the world.

Just finished Thespis, my first show with MITG&SP in 3 years. Shockingly,
this one didn't leave me completely burnt out; in fact, I even had a good
enough time to want to do it again sometime soon, and I've set a new
MITG&SP related goal for myself: I would like to end up producing more
shows than CarolYN has. Go ahead and call me crazy; Karl already has the
honor of being the first. I ended up particularly enjoying the Strike
party; my usual end-of-show postpartum depression faded earlier than usual,
and a pile of people ended up sitting around talking well into the night,
even managing to outlast the crowd screeching along to the piano. Lots of
stories were told, and it was a fun walk down memory lane for me. I hope
we didn't end up boring anybody.

I celebrated the end of the show this evening by indulging in a bit of
retail therapy. Nothing like swiping that credit card to get those
endorphins flowing. I picked up Pac-Man Vs. and Super Smash Brothers
for the GameCube, as part of my ongoing quest to have as many 4 player
games as possible. Shmike, Alexis and I started breaking them in this
evening, but we need to drag more people over soon. I also found out
about WarpPipe, which is a little
proxy that lets you play network enabled GC games over the Internet rather
than needing a local hub/crossover cable/whatever. The thought of 8 player
Mario Kart played over the net fills me with lust, so the GC network adapter
is on my list of things soon to be acquired.

Right now, I'm just finishing up at work for the "day". I spent the evening
decomissioning Athena cell fileservers. This is the 3rd generation of
hardware that I've helped decomission, and the 1st generation of hardware
that I pickedout as full-time staff to be sent to the big reuse posting in
the sky. I've always found decomissioning fileservers to be oddly cathartic.
There's something about powering off a piece of hardware you deployed and
kept an eye on for 3 years that provides a sense of closure. I suspect at
this point about half the people reading this are nodding in agreement, and
the other half are wondering when the meds are going to kick in.

Tomorrow is freshmen account coupon printing day, so I'll be here late again.
For now, however, time to get out of here before the day-shifted people arrive
and look at me funny.
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LISA '03

I am in San Diego for LISA '03. It is warm here. I continue to need to try har to resist the temptation to move to CA.